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released April 15, 2015



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FENISIA Rome, Italy

Look out for FENISIA, coming soon to your local metal club!


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Track Name: Outpost
What is lost from the forbidden rising
I get up from the fall and lighting
As we come up again with a vengeance
To the one who delivered the sentence

We lost a battle but a long way goes to victory
Out of this forign land we rise upon our sanctuary

Outpost outpost outpost
Togheter forever

As we stand up to havens immortal
In a vortex of ashes and fire
With the soul of the proud and loyal
With the mark of the final denial

From this outpost we can take off
Track Name: Adamant
Chains at the wrists of my mind
the sharp smell of burned life
chains to the ankles of my soul
but the pain will not stop the hope

I feel it flowing under my skin
I close my eyes to see

And you will be my witness
And you will see the shining dark

Out of the sacred blackness
Behold their kingdom fall apart

It’s been a long time i'm coming

I am the spy to the resurection
false revelations no more
I am the reason of your affliction
the justification to your wrongs
Track Name: Blizzard
I cry, I’m ready to die
Under the weight of lies

No fear, I’m going to brave
My secrets in disguise

The blizzard’s blowing, you’re gonna die

Wind of life never comes twice
Only goes away
It all goes away
Wind of struggle to stay alive
What you gonna pray
As it rolls against time

It done, You’re on your own
Where days got hard and short

You try, To stand by the right side
To bring the boat to port

Cure my sorrows with a smile
By your touch my wounds go by
A kiss upon forgotten scars
If that’s the price for me it’s enough
Track Name: Jaded Days
How does it feel it’s all comin’out of you
Chances are broken hopes fading fast
Listen to me lettin’it all go down
We could give in tonight fear and regrets

way do we ansewer the wrong questions?

Out of these jaded days we face mistakes
While hangin’on a dream
A milion shades of gray these jaded days
Won’t stop the thirst in me

A poet for a day a fool for a lifetime
ther’s only one way crazy man falls
she saved me one day then cursed me the next one

leaving me stranded in ashes and dust
I know what the cost a different way and i’d be lost
I know what the pain a different way to stand again
I don’t wanna be saved from my jaded days

‘cos I don’t wanna be saved
I don’t want you take it all away
‘cos we’re one and the same
my jaded days
Track Name: Live Loyal Die Loyal
Chiose was not the call
I let my instinct take the reins
Onto the darkest path
Never to feel along again and there-s hell to pay

Under these colors stand to dream another day

Come on Come on Come on live Loyal Die Loyal
Come on Come on Come on live Loyal Die Loyal
Come in Come in Come in welcome to the family
Come on Come on Come on live Loyal Die Loyal

We’re out to set the spirit free
Welcome to the family

I won’t deny the truth
Cos i’ve forseen my destiny
Pledge to the brotherhood
A lord to rule with iron will and wheels of steel

Under a symbol where respect and freedom meet
Track Name: Wasted Times
Iwill be clear You know why i’m here

This is my life and I won’t let it die

I spend my time walking the line

Look at me now i’m ready to fly

In to the flame i love this pain

Would you be jumping into my game

Can’t stop the same change like your name

It’s gonna rule your brain

TO BE FREE - i can make you see

AND FEEL – anything you need

THE END – the end of your days

NO FATE – Reason is the way

What have you done, what have you got

You gotta give it your best shot

No wasted time. Waiting for life

I’d break my back just to hang in here

Play it before you die

In every defeat in every fear

I’m gonna meet my destiny

Follow me now or rest in peace
Track Name: Mr. Hughes
Everybody looks around

As you’ve already found

your prodigy your way your destiny

between fragments of a fear

to be the greatest genius you created

insanity becomes an idea


To keep the monsters in a cage outside your mind

The vision left to find


wonder is the name of your conquest

is the noise of a thunder

in a world infected

you burning shelter

every woman in your cards

take her soul and take her heart

the passion pit you meet your own defeat

from the fire to the rubble

there’s no chain to stop a rebel

the slave that can’t be saved lives in your brain



mr hughes tell me about you

iron man until the end
Track Name: Legends
I believe in my mind

Everywhere anytime

My faith is never to be led on blind

You talk about the fate

But fools deserved the pain

The sacred clash again with the profane


The earth belong to me (i’m coming up to see the sun)

I gave my life for this i sold my soul for this

Lord listen to me


I’ dont want to hear your sentence

I dont’ wanna have your clemency

I live in my legends

Still it wont let me stop the sacrifice

I’d die for my crazy conspiracy

My name came frome the night

My life it fades to light

When innocence does fail

The good begins to break

Who’s got the heart to stand alone the strain

I Can’t explain what is my game you pray in vane

You see the bane it’s not a flame you won’t be saved

i can explain we’re to stay day after day look i’m not insane

Bridge CHORUS Special

No i’m not insane

Reason is one way

forget the worl forget the verb we cannot have

all we want to own